Successfully Protecting Profits & Brands.

Franklin National Retail Services

Franklin National Retail Services proudly partners with national multi unit clients, providing valuable insight to protect both profit and brand reputation.  We recognize the importance of timely information and are committed to delivering reports within 72 hours of completion.

Accurate information and consistent services delivered in a timely manner that you can trust
Protecting your Brand Utilizing Ethical & Moral Practices
Truth and clarity are the foundation of all our partnerships

Franklin National operatives present customized reports through on site evaluation of business practices, operational excellence, associate integrity and customer service standards.

Staffing integrity has tangible impact on the bottom line. Trusting employees to effectively manage day-to-day business operations can leave businesses vulnerable. We provide highly skilled operatives to complete on site evaluations of employee honesty, preserving your Profit.

Franklin National contracts Mystery Shoppers nationwide, highly skilled, experienced and tactful in their execution. Franklin National provides clients with accurate timely information via on site evaluation of service standards.

  • FNRS has aided me in developing an in-depth analysis that is conducted by their shoppers and provides me with essential intel at my many branch locations. The team at FNRS is always readily available when I reach out to them and the quick turnaround times are essential to my business growth. FNRS Continually provides me with the information I need to protect my bottom line.
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Upon partnering with Franklin National our experienced team will work with you to create a comprehensive customized report specific to your operations and concerns to ensure you receive the information that is most important to your company. We understand the importance of timely information and as such Franklin National is committed to delivering reports within 72 hours of completion.

At Franklin National we take a personal vested interest in each and every client and are committed to your success by offering services that provide you the insight and comprehensive information you need to realize your full income potential and capture your share of the market. With this crucial information, clients are able to target problems at their roots and make informed decisions.